SHANNON & MICHEAL | Engagement session | BARCELONA

OK, I’m calling this an engagement session because technically Shannon and Micheal were not married when we did the shoot … Though their wedding was just a few hours after! You might remember that I almost didn’t go on an international trip last year but because of this girl’s wedding, we had an amazing opportunity to go to Barcelona for a week. Shannon and I studied abroad together in Paris and formed a tight friendship. We, along with two other dear friends, did pretty much everything together. We could tell stories for hours of all the silly (er, stupid) things we did while abroad and all the amazing places and countries we visited.

None of us live in the same place (not even the same time zone!) but we get together every year or two for a reunion. I know how special this friendship is because every time I tell people about it, they always tell me they don’t even remember the names of people they studied abroad with! Well, it just so happened that fall 2017 was the 10-year anniversary of our semester in Paris so of course we had to make it Barcelona. And wouldn’t you know, we all did.

Shannon and Micheal met me early the morning of their wedding in the center of Barcelona near the Catalan Art Museum. It was so fun to roam around before the city got too busy and capture some images I know I will treasure forever. Their wedding had to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever attended and it was such an honor to be there.

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