Winter 2018 playlist

It’s hard to believe I’ve been making seasonal playlists for almost four years. Well, I actually did it a lot in college before the advent of Spotify but then life gets busy and it’s not as easy to listen to free music and playlists don’t happen. I love me some Pandora but Spotify is one of my single favorite inventions ever.

I digress.

Winter playlists are always the hardest for me. I love songs that make you feel like spring is on the way and for some of us in the South, spring IS on the way. But for other followers in more northern parts, spring is still a long ways away. The vibe has to fit both, at least in my mind it does. I’m weird like that.

In any case, here’s the winter18 playlist. And in case you missed it, here’s a best of 2017 playlist.

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