What to wear for your engagement session

what to wear for your engagement session

I’ve had so much fun writing about engagement sessions this month for all my blog readers. The hardest thing about engagement sessions — and what I get asked about the MOST from my clients — is deciding what to wear. These are photos you will have for the rest of your life; they’ll live on other people’s refrigerators for months — you wanna look good! It’s hard enough picking out an outfit to wear to a concert or dinner with friends but photos that will live forever?! Talk about pressure!

In addition to using Pinterest to help you plan your engagement session (which I talked about last week), there are some general guidelines I always use when I help my clients pick out their outfits.

Most engagement sessions are long enough for 2-3 outfits. Even if you’re not a super fancy person, I recommend trying to dress in Sunday best (basically nice clothing you would wear to church). Why? Because being engaged and getting married is a season to celebrate. You’re not going to wear jeans to your bridal shower, are you? It can be fun to get a little dressed up with your dude and have fun in front of the camera.

So what does Sunday best look like? A cute sundress or maxi dress for you and slacks and a button down for him. Maybe you through a vest or cardigan over your dress and he’ll throw a blazer over his button down. For your second outfit, you could go a little more casual (but feel free to stay in Sunday best!) Maybe some black jeans and a chunky sweater with booties for you or some dark jeans and a pullover for him.

Wondering what colors, patterns, and fabrics look best on camera? Well I’ve created an engagement session planning guide for you to download and keep as a reference. I even included a page to list out which outfits you want to wear to make planning your session that much easier!

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