I’ve talked a lot about first looks before and it’s an oft-debated part of wedding photography — to do a first look or not. Some people have very strong feelings about first looks. While I love first looks because of the joy and sense of calm I usually witness as the photographer, I totally understand […]

How to get around doing a first look

May 8, 2018

This past weekend, I was shooting a wedding with a friend and the videographer asked if, with how good cell phone cameras are getting, we thought we’d be replaced by them. It’s an interesting question and honestly one that’s circled around for awhile. I cringe every time I see the Apple commercials that make everyone […]

Why professional photography is still worth the investment

Apr 17, 2018

We live in a world of image overload and I know I’m not the only one who feels the weight of that. You’re sitting at your desk all day, browsing Pinterest and Instagram for wedding inspiration and simultaneously becoming beaten down by all the possibilities. On the one hand, you want a beautiful wedding. Who […]

Your wedding day details PLUS a free checklist!

Mar 21, 2018

You’ve got all your plans in place: vendors are booked, dress is altered, hair and makeup styles are chosen, and those loose ends are tying themselves up quite nicely. You’ve thought about where you want photos of you and your hubby-to-be on the wedding day and how pretty the bouquets will look against the bridesmaids […]

Is your getting ready location important?

Mar 12, 2018

So you said yes, you’ve booked your date and now you’re onto one of the most important tasks of your wedding: choosing your wedding photographer. I don’t mean this lightly when I say choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding. Why do I say that? Out […]

5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer

Mar 7, 2018

I’ve had so much fun writing about engagement sessions this month for all my blog readers. The hardest thing about engagement sessions — and what I get asked about the MOST from my clients — is deciding what to wear. These are photos you will have for the rest of your life; they’ll live on […]

What to wear for your engagement session

Jan 23, 2018

Ohh Pinterest. I have such a love-hate relationship with you. I love how inspiring you can be but I hate how time-wasting you are and how you can set our expectations way too high. Am I alone in this?? OK, I’m being a bit dramatic but I really do love Pinterest for planning your wedding […]

How to use Pinterest to plan your engagement session

Jan 16, 2018

Tis the season for holiday engagements! If you’re one of those lucky gals, congrats! I bet you’re on Cloud 9, elated to be marrying the love of your life, and a slightly distracted driver — How can you not be staring at your left hand on the steering wheel every chance you get?! I remember […]

What to do when you first get engaged

Dec 12, 2017

I recently had a client ask me how I ensure authenticity in my work and it was actually something I’ve never been asked before — certainly nothing I really put concrete words to! A few weeks ago, I asked my Instagram tribe to give me three words they thought best described my photography and authenticity […]

5 ways to ensure authenticity in your photos

Aug 8, 2017

Engagement sessions seem to be the first thing people want to cut from their wedding photography budget. They wonder what on earth they’ll do with all those photos of them when the true photo-sharing event is on the horizon: their wedding. Or they have a a friend with a nice camera and think they’ll just […]

4 reasons to do an engagement shoot

Jul 18, 2017