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It’s with mixed emotions I bring to you the last installment in my summer vendor spotlight series. We’ve been chatting with some of my favorite Dallas and Fort Worth wedding planners, florists, makeup artists, and calligraphers to find more about who they are, what they do, and how they love and serve their clients so well! I’ve loved getting to know and work with all of these talented women and I’m so thankful to call them friends! These gals are at the top of my recommended vendor list to my clients because I trust them 100% to be professional, fun, and amazing at what they do.

Saving the best for last, I’ve got Adri Smith of Moss Floral Design. Adri and I have worked on many shoots together and I love how she always pushes herself to create unique, beautiful, meaningful designs. She’s got a keen eye and every time one of her pieces pops up on my feed, I know it’s hers — and wish I could have it on my dining table! Read on to hear from this former elementary school teacher about her favorite part of her job (Instagram!) and how she stays creatively fresh.

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Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got into the business.

I was an elementary school teacher for 7 years before I discovered floral design. I taught kindergarten, 3rd grade, and then pursued my Masters Degree and became a Reading Specialist for 2 years. During this time I didn’t feel like I was doing what I was meant to do. I always wanted to know what my “calling” was, and it really bothered me that I wasn’t working where I was meant to work. During this time, I became engaged to my boyfriend, and as I started the planning process, I was intrigued with the floral aspect of the wedding. I became friends with my florist and lucky for me, she didn’t mind that I wanted to be involved in the planning process. After the wedding, I wanted to know more about being a florist, and I kept bothering her with questions. I don’t think she really thought that I was serious, but one day I just decided that I was going to go for it! I set up my business account and started doing small weddings out of my house and the rest is history!

What is your favorite part of your job? Why do you do what you do? What gets you up in the morning?

That’s a great question! Honestly, my favorite part of my job is designing for my portfolio on Instagram. I love it. I never knew the importance of building a brand, but since I’ve been focused on the feel and aesthetic that I want people to get from my Instagram feed, then it’s something that has developed. I also love days that I design for myself. It’s usually on a Tuesday, and it’s when I get to practice making arrangements using different types of flowers and work on my design skills. What gets me up in the morning? Coffee.

What do you wish people knew about your job (something that’s often misunderstood, etc.)

That flowers really do set the aesthetic for your event. They add color, soften the space, and bring the environment into your event space they are definitely worth the investment on your wedding day!

dallas fort worth wedding florist chelsea q white photography moss floral design

Why do you think hiring a professional florist is so important on your wedding day? 

I think it is important because I feel that the wedding day should be a day that the client shouldn’t have to worry about anything or work on anything for the wedding. They’ve put so much thought, work, money, and stress into their wedding day, that they should be able to leave all of the work to the professionals when the actual day comes, and they should be able to enjoy every second. The day goes by so fast, they should be able to cherish each moment! So if they hire a “pro,” then most likely they won’t have to worry about any hiccups that may occur because the professionals will have it covered.

Any memorable stories from a wedding day you’d like to share? 

I won’t share my best story, but I will say that each of my clients have had their own unique wedding that I’ve enjoyed being apart of!

If you weren’t doing what you’re currently doing, what would you want to do instead?

I would love to live in Colorado or other mountainous region and enjoy a more simple life.

dallas fort worth wedding florist chelsea q white photography moss floral design

Where are some of the places on your travel bucket list?

Europe I’ve never been! Tibet, Fiji, and Cuba.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I have a couple of projects coming up this year  a fellow vendor is getting married in Colorado, and we have the honor of flowering her wedding  I am so excited about this. I am also doing a project in Iceland in August and I’m super excited about it!

What are three things most people don’t know about you?

I’m introverted, I’m politically active, and I met a former President.

Where are your favorite local hangouts and things to do when you’re not working?

Well I have two daughters, so they keep me busy. But I love going to the garden nursery and looking for unique blooms and foliages, and I also love going to coffee shops.

dallas fort worth wedding florist chelsea q white photography moss floral design

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