EMILY & MICHAEL | Dallas engagement session at Lakeside Park

Emily and Michael are the type of people who make others happier just being around them. Their joy was so contagious that I left the session in great mood, smiling ear to ear. The two college sweethearts were engaged over Labor Day weekend at Lakeside Park in Dallas so it only made sense to head back there for their engagement session. When Emily and I chatted on the phone about doing their wedding, I asked her what was most important to her about her day. She blew me away with her response. She said they wanted their wedding parties and guests to feel appreciated, cared for, and being celebrated just as much as they were. But once I met Emily and Michael, it didn’t surprise me at all. They really are that genuine and selfless.

So, without futher adieu, here are some of my favorites from Emily and Michael’s Lakeside Park engagement session.

dallas wedding photographer_2131.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2132.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2134.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2136.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2137.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2135.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2138.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2139.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2141.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2140.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2142.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2143.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2145.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2147.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2144.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2148.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2149.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2150.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2152.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2153.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2154.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2151.jpg
dallas wedding photographer_2155.jpg

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