Summer 2017 playlist

The temperatures are rising, skin is browning (or burning!), and vacations planned in the long cold months of winter are finally on the horizon! Summer is such a glorious time, is it not? What is it about summer that makes us want to live life a little slower and shrug off all the “have to do’s” for “I wanna do’s.” I’m not sure but I’m certainly not complaining about it!

As is the tradition, my summer playlist is here, just in time for the official first day of the season. This is definitely one of my favorites I’ve made in a long time and I really hope I haven’t over-listened already! (Am I the only one guilty of playing songs on repeat until I can’t stand it anymore?!)

Some of my favorite tracks this time around include: “Love Hangover” by Sam James; “You Broke Up With Me” by Walker Hayes; “Tied” by Strangers You Know; and “Second One to Know” by Chris Stapleton (side note: I’m obviously having a Chris Stapleton moment. I’m trying to convince Travis we need to get tickets for his show this summer. If you’re going, LET ME KNOW!)

​Get the playlist here and get ready for a dang good summer.

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