Why “just one photo” doesn’t work

We’ve all thought it at one time or another: Man, all I really need is one photo for my {LinkedIn profile, Christmas card, save-the-date, etc.} As a photographer, I hear it all the time. And here’s why I never agree to it.

Working with a professional photographer is not like snapping a selfie at Coachella. But, since we’re on the topic of cell phone photos, let me use that example for a moment: How many times have you tried to take a selfie or had someone else take a photo of you, and immediately you retook the photo because you didn’t like it. Did you move to better light? Did you adjust your hair or your shirt? I bet you did.

It’s the same with a pro. I want to put you in the best light, make sure your hair looks perfect, and you look relaxed in front of the camera. If someone were to jump up in your face with a giant camera, would you feel at ease? Probably not. It usually helps to take a few practice shots and get to know the person behind the lens. You will need loosen up, especially if you’re feeling nervous. I can assure you that whenever I do a session, the photos taken during the second half of the session are always better and they’re my clients favorites. Why? Because they’re relaxed and they’re used to me directing them. Maybe they’ve seen the back of my camera so they know how good they look. How long does that take? At least 15-20 minutes minimum.

We as professional photographers work really hard to make sure you love your images. Just taking one does not do our skills or your beauty justice. We tweak the posing and the lighting to make sure it’s perfect. We want you to have options in your final product. And although it seems like we could just show up with our camera, click the shutter, jump in our car and head home to send you the image, it doesn’t work that way. It takes time for us to take in the environment and place you in the best position. It’s taken years of hard work of practicing and learning posing techniques to make sure you look your best. It takes time to edit the photo and send it to you.

I know sometimes money is an issue and that’s why people ask for just a few photos. But consider the investment of a session and how meaningful those images become years down the road. The more time you spend with a photographer at your session, the more creative he or she can be, and the more you will be so glad you spent the time and money that you did.

​If I’ve convinced you to book a full session (wink wink), you can contact me here to get planning.

  1. Tiffany D Hines says:

    Love this article Chelsea! You hit it perfectly!! 🙂 Just stopped in to check on your {amazing} work! 🙂

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