A change of seasons

Over the past year and a half, I’ve had priorities and passions shift. I guess becoming a mom will do that to you. After a lot of prayer and reflection, I’ve decided to close the chapter on wedding photography. Instead, I’ll be focused on photographing growing families (womb to world, as they say).

Cliche but true, I found myself more energized by photographing families once I became pregnant. And now that I’ve got a little one (and another on the way), I’ve realized how truly fleeting these moments are. I don’t want to miss capturing all the little details about my children that are soon to fade from memory, much like I’m sure you don’t, either. 

Motherhood has changed me and it’s changed my art.

Also during this time, much to my surprise, I’ve realized how much I really miss writing. I have a masters in it and in fact, before branching out on my own to do photography, I worked full-time as a writer, editor and photographer for a local nonprofit. Once I put down my pen and picked up my camera, I thought I’d never look back.

Of course I still wrote as a photographer and small business owner (blog posts, newsletters, etc.). I had an idea nearly three years ago to start a blog about a growing passion of mine: ethical fashion, clean beauty and intentional living. Finally, last fall, I took the leap and started that blog. I realized the whisper of needing to write finally became a roar.

It’s been tough to balance photography and blogging, in addition to being a full-time mom. I realized my heart was not in weddings anymore and so rather than disservice future clients, it was time to move on. I’ll be taking on a few portrait clients here and there while focusing on my writing (oh, and having another baby). 

If you’re reading this and you’re a past wedding client, please know how special you are to me. That you allowed me into such a sacred time in your life and trusted me with you story is truly humbling. I will never regret the past five years of wedding photography. It shaped me and taught me so much: about others, about love, about myself. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Photos by Nate & Grace Photography

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