Marriage Minute: Asking Questions

Note: Welcome to Marriage Minute, a new feature of the Chelsea Q. White Photography blog. Once a month, I’ll be sharing a marriage tip, article or story to help encourage you in building your marriage. You can see past posts here. Please let me know your ideas and feedback in the comments!

A few weeks ago, Travis and I had a date night (our first in a really looooooong time). I’m not going to write about the importance of date nights because, well, you know they’re important. 

Anyway, the day before, I fortuitously came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo.: 12 Questions to ask your significant other at dinner. Perfect! This will break us out of the typical children and finances topics we seem to love to cover.

Over a massive cheeseboard and hot crab dip, we dove in and asked each other most of the questions. My favorites were the ones related to travel and food because they brought up memories of our past trips, which then led to thinking about how fortunate we’ve been to be able to take the trips.

So, if you’re looking for something to spice up your next dinner conversation with your spouse, check out the questions in the post!

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