Summer 2016 playlist

For the past two or three years, I’ve made quarterly/seasonal playlists. It’s a very meticulous process and starts about 6-8 weeks before the turn of the season. Songs are shuffled around to match tone and beat. Songs are added, removed and saved for later seasons or TBD drop date.

Did I mention that by “meticulous,” I really meant “neurotic?”

I grew up in a musical family and practically came out of the womb wearing headphones. I love how these playlists become the soundtrack to different parts of my life. “Cool Kids” by Echosmith will never not remind me of summer 2014, just like “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell will bring me right back to the rainy spring of 2015.

I thought it would be fun to start sharing my playlists to hopefully liven up your summer. I have to be honest: At first I wasn’t excited about this playlist. I thought maybe I lost my mojo in the creation process. There weren’t any songs that were true standouts. I even thought about not doing one.

But if I’ve learned anything about being a creative, it’s that even when you’re not feeling inspired, sometimes it’s good to push yourself to create. So I powered through and I’m so glad I did. This playlist might end up being one of the best yet.

So no matter where this summer takes you – the beach, the lake, the mountains or the good ol’ concrete jungle – roll down the windows, lay in that hammock, sip that icy cold IPA and crank. it. up!

Get the playlist here.

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