MR. & MRS. SIGNORELLI | Dallas Arboretum wedding

On perhaps the only warm day in February, Rachael and Gerry wed in a quiet, intimate ceremony at the Dallas Arboretum. No fanfare, no over-the-top expectations. Just the two of them, a pastor, Gerry’s daughter and two of their best friends. 

The two met while both working for Southwest Airlines several years ago. He was a new pilot and she was a flight attendant. They met on a layover in Las Vegas – he thought she was cute so he strolled over to start up a conversation. She could tell he was “new” but let him proceed anyway. Although it took some time for them to finally get together, when it did happen, it was like the missing puzzle piece in both of their lives.

Their love is so genuine and authentic. Rachael often stops in the middle of her sentence, looking at Gerry in awe, to tell him how perfect he is. Gerry can’t take his eyes off her. They professed their love and devotion to each other and to God that afternoon, and celebrated with cold fizzy glasses of champagne. 

Gerry and Rachael: Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. I know some good New Englanders when I see them!

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