Shout out

I wanted to interrupt our normally scheduled programming to issue a shout out to my husband. Through endless nights of my eyes on a computer, editing photos, figuring out how to run a photography business, talking about photography and all the other worries in between, he has been the sounding board of all boards. He’s helped me make business decisions when I needed help. He’s let me vent about frustrations and disappointments. He’s found things to do while I’ve gone to sit in hipster coffee shops for entire Saturday afternoons to edit. He’s allowed me to sit at my little IKEA desk every night for days on end and edit until my eyes cross without asking anything in return. It’s hard for me to pause and look over at him, sitting on the couch alone, knowing I could be snuggled up right there with him. But I’m not. It’s the price you pay to chase a dream and he pays it, too, sometimes even more than I do.

So thank you for running right there beside me, for taking a breather with me when I needed it, for walking when I needed to slow down, for bringing me the proverbial water when I was thirsty. Too much? OK. I’ll wrap it up with this: iI can only hope to some day have half the grace, love, compassion and encouragement you show day in and day out. Thank you. For everything. 

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