What to wear for your spring or summer newborn session

Picking out what to wear for our newborn session was quite possibly the most stressed I’ve ever been when it came to picking outfits. In addition to the typical challenge of finding things to wear, my body was still recovering from having a baby. I didn’t exactly fit into a lot of my pre-baby clothing and I didn’t have anything pre-baby I wanted to wear anyway.

Cue me furiously scrolling and placing one million online orders only to have things not arrive on time or not fit. And then cut to me dashing through the mall two weeks postpartum while my husband and new baby trailed after me, trying on everything in every store I went into, only to leave demoralized and even more frustrated with my body.

And don’t get me started on my husband’s closet …

You would think, as a photographer, I would’ve known to plan what I was going to wear beforehand. I had a scheduled C-section so it’s not like I didn’t know when my baby was coming. But like many expectant moms, it didn’t even cross my mind that I should start looking pre-birth. I also sort of figured I’d wait to see what my body did after he was born.

I want to save you the stress of what I went through trying to find something to wear so you can be prepared and love your photos. I loved our newborn photos but I hate both my outfit and my husbands. I don’t want this to be you!

I’ve compiled a few tips for dressing after baby and some inspiration sets of what to wear.

PS: I get a lot of questions about what your baby should wear for the session and it’s a great one! It’ll be a post in the near future so keep your eyes peeled.

For mama:

  • A dress, always
  • Loose-fitting around the chest and waist
  • Flutter sleeves to cover arms
  • Soft pastels and neutral colors
  • Something you’d wear again

For dad:

  • A relaxed button down, polo or T-shirt
  • Light to medium wash jeans
  • Linen pants in khaki
  • Neutral colors to complement mom
  • Something he’d wear again

Dress #1 // Dress #2 // Dress #3

T-shirt // Button down // Pants

Dress #1 // Dress #2 // Dress #3

Pants // Striped henley

Dress #1 // Dress #2 // Dress #3

Polo // Jeans

Dress #1 // Dress #2 // Dress #3

Henley // Jeans

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